I shot this a few years ago in the Alvord desert in southeastern Oregon. While driving from one shoot to another I looked out over the sage brush and barely saw the peak of the this crumbling shack. What a treat it was to hike out to it and see the beautiful seen. Thanks for looking. Mount Hood in all her glory. Oregon Coast. This night had all the potenial to be an epic evening. While I didn't get the intense cotton candy clouds, I thought this was kinda cool. It took quite a few shots to get the waves to kinda mirror the sky, this was the closest I got. I defintely love shooting the action of waves, feels like fishing. I use a pair of ultra lightweight waders that are way easy to hike in anywhere with my gear, so I'm able to stand out in the waves indefinitely and hopefully get different perspectives. Your thoughts are always appreciated. Thanks for looking
Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. From my yard. Somewhere in Colorado... Mt. Jefferson, Oregon :) Sparks Lake, Oregon :) Oregon coast. Deep in the Columbia River Gorge. Around Steptoe Butte. Spring in the gorge:) I shot this around 6 years ago out at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Washington. I was waiting for the light to get better so I could shoot the Sandhill Cranes that were migrating through the area. As sunrise was getting beautiful and the fog rose I found about the only thing I could shoot with a 400mm lens. I have always loved this shot. Shooting this simple web in wheat grass opened my eyes up a bit to the world of nature and landscape photography. I was primarily interested in only wildlife photography until this...sounds silly, but this was one of those moments for me. Thanks for looking.:) Mount Jefferson, Oregon :) Columbia River Gorge. From my yard... Southern Oregon coast. Jeremy Cram on 500px